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Lanzhou Beef Noodle Bar

Since established in 2017, Lanzhou beef noodle bar is well-received by local residents and Chinese in Melbourne. As a top-ranked Chinese noodle brand in the Australian market, this brand owns a complete set of mature business models and a complete management system, and it persistently pursues a professional, standardized and modern product management. In day-to-day management, the company strives to let customers healthy, safe and nutrient, and practices a strict sanitary inspection system for restaurants, to ensure food safety in all dimensions from materials selected and storage to distribution and production. La tune Food Solutions conducts uniform distribution to ensure the quality and taste of its products to the greatest extent possible. With its original operational philosophy and superior product and service, the company has won recognition and praise among customers, and its brand value also keep increasing.

Growing at a steady pace every year, Lanzhou Beef Noodle Bar always sticks to the core value of “work of ingenuity and enthusiasm in noodles”, elaborately operates the brand, persists in incorporating craftsmanship into every bowl of noodles, and treats every customer with first-rate yet inexpensive products, a positive attitude, and “conscientiousness”. Moreover, it vigorously promotes health concept and provides consumers with nutrient, healthy and sanitary food and a comfortable dining environment.

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Customer Review

Customer experience in our stores including food and services are the key factors that we concern with. Feedback helps us constantly improve our customer experiences by knowing what we are doing right and what we can work on. All of Lanzhou beef noodle bar teams appreciate our customers taking the time to send us helpful response.

High quality of taste, friendly service, affordable price, recommend to try. A very good choice to go with friends.


All the noodles are handmade so they are really good. Surprisingly the staffs were friendly and helpful


Delicious beef noodle soup, perfect to warm up the body on a cold winter’s day.


Amazing Dry Beef Noodles. Beef is always tender and appropriate amount of sauce. The noodles have great texture.

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